We will accomplish the society based on animalism.

All of the animals are our family which is raised together by Mother Earth – where we all lives.
Mankind – which is defined as one of the animals – has forgotten the bless from earth, and has been damaging the earth and other living animals.

Human has developed our own society and economic system based on humanism/human supremacy.
In the light of current situation, it is clear that we see no future beyond humanism.

Animalism is the concept which is extended humanism to all animals.
All of the animal species will be recognized as the equally dignified existence of Mankind, and will be the object of ethics and rights.

Of course, it does not mean we have no respect to other creatures such as plants.
However, human race’s growth in ethics, mind and society will only advance gradually.

We will begin by working on subsuming animals –which known to have independent emotional activities and senses – to our society.
We will surrender discrimination, violence, exploitation towards all the animals, and invasion of their rights.
We will set animals free, and guarantee their dignity, rights and liberty.

Shifting from humanism to animalism will be a great paradigm shift.An accomplishment of new society/economy based on animalism philosophy will lead us to solution of many issues among the environment and our society.

We believe that we could achieve the true symbiotic society, the true peace, the true sustainable, lushly greenery, beautiful earth by animalism.

In the name of nation’s, earth’s and human’s fame, we swear that we will dedicate all the energies to achieve this noble ideal and goal.


【アニマリズム党 短中長期計画】





【報告 – YouTube】アニマリズム党の結党大会を行いました/The inauguration of a party


『アニマリズム党 結党大会』


13:30-14:30 綱領と党規等の発表、フィードバック
14:30-16:30 中長期計画のブレスト
16:30-17:00 今後の予定

上野動物園 西園食堂

We held the inauguration of a party, in Ueno Zoo.

  “The inauguration of an Animalism Party”

  November 3, 2019 (Sun)

13: 30-14: 30 Announcement of the program and party regulations, feedback
14: 30-16: 30 Medium to long-term plan Brest
16: 30-17: 00 Future schedule

Ueno Zoo Nishizono Shokudo

【報告 – YouTube】令和1年11月1日 アニマリズム党 設立/Established Animalism Party  

【政治団体 アニマリズム党 設立】

令和1年11月1日 ワールド ヴィーガンデー、
政治団体 アニマリズム党を設立しました。





[Establishment of a political group Animaism Party]

1st November 1st World Vegan Day, established a political group Animaism Party.
We just submitted a report of a political organization to the Tokyo Election Commission.

We will work with overseas “Animal Party” to grow into Japan’s first full-fledged “Animal Party”.

The Animalism Party is an organization that conveys the concept of animalism to society, proposes a new social system that includes animals, and promotes change abstractly.

For a while, information will be announced on the representative channel of YouTube.
Please subscribe to the channel.

アニマリズム党のシンボルについて/Animalism Party Symbol

アニマリズム党 シンボルについて

色は、日本国旗のCMYK=C0 M100 Y65 K10の、K10を0にした色を使用しています。


About the Animalism Party Symbol

The symbol has a dividing line in the heart symbol.
It represents the division of human beings and other animal species.
If the idea of ​​animalism is achieved socially, this line disappears and the heart is completed.
If you reverse the symbol’s top and bottom, it will be A in Roman letters.
The color is the Japanese flag CMYK = C0 M100 Y65 K10, with K10 set to 0.