Party Platform

Animalism Party Platform ライブラリ

We will accomplish the society based on animalism.

All of the animals are our family which is raised together by Mother Earth – where we all lives.
Mankind – which is defined as one of the animals – has forgotten the bless from earth, and has been damaging the earth and other living animals.

Human has developed our own society and economic system based on humanism/human supremacy.
In the light of current situation, it is clear that we see no future beyond humanism.

Animalism is the concept which is extended humanism to all animals.
All of the animal species will be recognized as the equally dignified existence of Mankind, and will be the object of ethics and rights.

Of course, it does not mean we have no respect to other creatures such as plants.
However, human race’s growth in ethics, mind and society will only advance gradually.

We will begin by working on subsuming animals –which known to have independent emotional activities and senses – to our society.
We will surrender discrimination, violence, exploitation towards all the animals, and invasion of their rights.
We will set animals free, and guarantee their dignity, rights and liberty.

Shifting from humanism to animalism will be a great paradigm shift.An accomplishment of new society/economy based on animalism philosophy will lead us to solution of many issues among the environment and our society.

We believe that we could achieve the true symbiotic society, the true peace, the true sustainable, lushly greenery, beautiful earth by animalism.

In the name of nation’s, earth’s and human’s fame, we swear that we will dedicate all the energies to achieve this noble ideal and goal.