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Animalism Party Founder/Representative


I was a child who loved birds and animals, reading Seton’s Animal Book, looking at picture books, and drawing pictures of animals.
Growing up, I knew a little bit about what was happening to animals when I ate them or wore them, but I pretended not to see them.
But one day, when I saw the movie”Earthlings", I was forced to realize what was happening to animals and what I was doing to them. I was so shocked that I cried all night, and from that day on, I became a vegan. Currently, we are working to realize the goal ofanimal liberation.”



Became vegan after watching the movie “Earthlings”.

Started animal rights activities

Established a voluntary organization, Animal Liberator. The goal is animal liberation.

・Started a survey of zoos and aquariums around Japan. Over the course of 9 months, spent a total of 9 months on-site surveying 283 zoos and aquariums in almost all of Japan’s zoos and aquariums. Record the breeding environment and abnormal behavior.
・Start of dolphin hunting survey. For several years, conducted field research in Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture, where dolphin drive hunting is carried out.

November 1st (World Vegan Day)
・Established Specified Nonprofit Corporation Animal Liberator. Appointed as representative director
Establishment of the Animalism Party. Appointed as representative

・Published e-book “Abolish zoos and aquariums” which summarizes the survey of zoos and aquariums around Japan.

  • Field survey in the Tohoku region where dolphin spear hunting is carried out

Resigned as representative director of Animal Liberator and became director.

Published e-book “Dolphin and Whale Liberation” that summarizes dolphin hunting and whaling.

In addition, there are many lectures, interviews, research on the animal industry (livestock, horse racing, etc.), participation in other projects, and support for other organizations.